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widespread rain makes for scattered showers and tonight we're adding up the rainfall and tallying the problems spots that are still out there. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're on storm track. for the bay area it was a one- two punch delivering rain and even flooding. gusty winds brought down trees such as this large fir in marin county. a neighbor said he heard a big boom and felt the ground crash under his feet. in fact, some ski resorts will
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see more than a foot of snow today alone. we have team coverage tonight. with ktvu reporters covering today's much needed rain. first to bill martin with how much rain the bay area got today. >> reporter: the morning commute was a mess as you know. we saw one to two inches of rain that continues to impact not just the bay area. over toward, working your way toward fremont. these showers moderate to heavy at times. up here toward vallejo, more scattered showers. driving was messy tonight. visibilities get reduced. these scatters showers like we're seeing over here down near fremont are going to continue throughout the evening hours. fremont getting pretty good rain right now. you can hear it coming down if
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you're out near the fremont area, margerie drive. we're going to go to san jose and we have heavy rainfall here as well. it's been pretty productive storms coming through the bay area. the showers are going to continue throughout the tonight and they're going to try to push through the bay area weekend. we're going to hear what part of the weekend is going to be the driest. there's more on the way. all the wind and rain caused a host of problems and the lane up is still going on tonight. cara liu is live with the different calls the street crews had to deal with today. >> reporter: frank, i just talked to a crew supervisor who said crews just finished clearing the last major flooded area. and crews say the guadalupe river looks a little higher
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thanks to the storm. >> reporter: this cleaning crew was out in east san jose where the evening commute began clearing out storm basins. this was a welcomed site for maria sedano. >> it was really, really bad. i was scared to drive in the car to get out from the driveway. >> reporter: much of the south bay saw rainfall on and off throughout the day and evening in addition to getting a thorough soaking early this morning. but according to golden gate weather services it's not nearly enough to make a big dent in the drought. >> certainly cuts into that deficit but we're you know running so far behind that it's not really going to, go in the drought. it probably won't even move into a lower category the drought. right now most of the areas are in between severe and exceptional drought. >> reporter: the santa clara
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valley water district says reservoir capacity has gone up by 1% on monday. this storm isn't enough to change it decision calling for mandatory 20% conservation county wide. >> we need to see many many more storms of this magnitude. the great thing about this storm is it's spread out over time. we're seeing a series of storms so it allows the ground to capture and absorb the water that's coming. and reduces our risk of flooding. >> reporter: and she says the south bay is about to see a lot more advertising about water conservation and programs in the coming months. one flooding problem in san jose was caused by something you might not expect, the theft of cooper wiring. about 4 feet of water flooded highway 87 near west hila street early this morning. caltrans says thieves broke into a pump house and ripped out the copper wire.
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that disabled the equipment that removes flood water. at last check tonight. pg & e still had about 2,500 customers without power. 1,700 of those are in the east bay with most of those on concord along market street. outages totaled more than 350 customers. outages in san francisco, on the peninsula and in the south bay are scattered at this hour. now to the sierra where a steady snow is falling. obviously good news for the snow pack but boy it's a rough ride this evening for skiers and boarders trying to get to the mountains. ken pritchett is in blue canyon at the 5,000-foot level. we can see all that snow behind you, what are the conditions like right now? >> we were here at blue canyon two nights ago and the ground here was bare. there was no snow at all. as you look at it here there's about 6-inches of snow on the ground. the heaviest snow up here
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started coming down just after dark. in a span of about an hour the roads went from clear to as you will see quite slippery. >> reporter: it is one thing to drive and brave a sierra storm. it's another one entirely to try to hitch a ride. >> sometimes you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: chris baldwin is the ski lift operator hoping for a lift to auburn for his girlfriend to wait. >> bummer. >> reporter: he has hitchhiked before, but in a snowstorm. >> i think it's easier. people feel a little sorrier for you. >> reporter: it didn't get easier as the sun went down was driving. the snow started piling up and soon we came across cars on the side of the road. this one in a ditch. >> you come down ad and
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just can't stop. >> reporter: this car full of college students stopped just after taking out a highway sign. >> it was just snow up to this point. >> reporter: a welcomed sight for those watching the snow pack because of the drought. on tuesday before this series of snow a pack in the central sierra was at 30% of normal according to automated sensors. after two days of snow the snow pack numbers in the central sierra have inched up to 33%. >> i'm definitely liking the snow. if i could go down the hill i would be riding all weekends. >> reporter: chris did have to go and he caught a ride after 15 minutes of thumbing it in the snow. >> reporter: we made it all the way up to the summit and right back here to blue canyon without the need to put on chains. after we parked we started to see the chp escorting traffic
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as the road became slippery. since that time chain controls have gone up. at blue canyon, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now as you saw chains are required on interstate 80. chain controls are set up in baxter and those controls are in effect to the donner interchange. the national weather service issued a tornado warning. these are pictures of a funnel cloud that was spotted near woodlands at 6:25 tonight. it costs interstate 5 an estimated it was about 800 feet off the ground. the tornado warning was in effect from 6:24 to 7:04 tonight. the weather and winds are causing problems for flights in and out of san francisco airports tonight. the information monitor is in the terminal and showing a lot of cancellations and delays that's been the case all day.
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arriving flights have been delayed for about a half an hour. we found one woman who was trying to get home to los angeles. >> i thought going to l.a. you wouldn't have as many problems because of snow and sufficient. surprise surprise. >> los angeles is facing problems because of rain and fog. and at 10:30, where today's rain and sierra snow leaving bay area water districts. we're asking just how much more water they need. there are new developments tonight in that shooting we told you about that happened during the evening commute last night on interstate 580. the highway patrol today arrested four people. also today ktvu's anne rubin learned that the bullets hit more than just the suv on the road. >> we're very, very lucky where it decided to land. >> reporter: it was a bullet that embedded in her wall. >> it was crazy that it was at
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random. especially all the way from the freeway. >> reporter: she was far enough from the shooting scene that she could not even see it. the bullet was one of several fired from a sedan. at least seven others shot the suv that jake detra was driving. >> it seems like someone pulls a gun would be angry but these guys were laughing like they did it before. >> reporter: a car fitting the description parked in front of a castro valley home, chp moved in arresting four men on weapons violations. >> we were able to find three weapons, two of them which were confirmed stolen handguns. >> reporter: detra is relieved an arrest has been made. >> i didn't think they were going to find it. especially in commute drivers where you just blend in with other cars. >> reporter: traffic was shut down yesterday in the middle of rush hour commute. but investigators say they were able to recover a shell casing from the side of the highway.
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they also took this a chunk of wall from sandra's apartment. >> hopefully the bullet they took from my home helped seal the deal for them. >> as to why he was targeted, detra can only speculate that the people in the car were upset when he passed them on the highway. anne rubin, ktvu news. a hike on the toll is now official. the bridge district board voted overwhelmingly to raise the toll. fast track users are still get a $1 discount. the district says it needs the money to help close a projected of $2.5 million over the next few years. this april the toll jumps to $7. then july 2015 it goes up a quarter and up a quarter thereafter. so in 2016 the toll will be
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$7.50 and up to $7.75 by 2017. finally in 2018 it'll be $8. authorities say she passed security at sfo then boarded a flight to hawaii all without buying a ticket. what we're learning about the method she may have used to sneak on board. and isolated showers are still popping up around the area. we'll have an update on when skies will begin to clear. it's legally sold. >> a legitimate use i can think of is a pastry chef. >> but is illegal to use. the item inside these canisters and the place where people are buying them. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened?
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new at 10 10:00, a startling bust. dozens of hydrogen inside a single car. and why police are calling this very dangerous. >> reporter: unconventional products, this is where police made the arrest. >> that right there what you're looking at there on the left is the passenger seat. >> reporter: it's a passenger seat and a seat covered in canisters. >> observed this and asked them about, they pretty much readily admitted they were usings it to
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get high. >> reporter: the box they bought had only two canisters. >> possessings it for the purpose of getting high is illegal. it's meant for the food industry. but the gas that's in the canister has an intoxicating effect so they've devised a way to puncture the seal, inhale the gas and get high. >> reporter: recreational use of noxide is not new. >> i tried it before sure. >> reporter: what is it like? >> like going to the dentist. >> i heard a couple of friends saying that they use it to get high. >> the canister is used in here. this would be the trigger right here and it dedispenses through here. >> reporter: what to be aware of? >> by the case. these guys had multiple cases. >> signs parents should look out for. >> empty cases of whip cream
10:16 pm
refill there's no legitimate reason that a teenager for example that teenagers should have cases of whip cream refills. >> reporter: there wasn't a manager for us to ask questions tonight. the brothers made bail. they will face misdemeanor possession charges probably pay fines. possibly go into drug diverse. but police say this really points to a much larger issue across the bay area. the abuse of inhalants. reporting live in sebasopol, debora villalon. this is just a portion of what s.w.a.t. officers discovered on wednesday. investigators say in all they found more than 2,000 marijuana plants and grow lights and ventilation equipment in three separate homes. they say they also found this large bill totalling $15,000.
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24-year-old bao cao and thien cao were arrested and charged with possession. and governor brown announced hi will be seeking reelection. >> every morning i get up and i like to go to work. i like to dig into the budget. dig into the legislation. >> governor brown can for an unprecedented second term because he served in the 1970s when the state had no
10:18 pm
restricted terms. it's a quiet danville neighborhood where on tuesday 4:50 p.m. a 911 call was made, ktvu obtained the initial dispatch. >> police response. >> son accidentally shot himself in the arm. >> dispatch mentions the person who reported the accident was an off duty police officer. the 12-year-old boy's mother and father are both oakland police officers. a source says the boy was staying with his mom tuesday and that he was playing with the gun when he shot himself in the arm. a spokeswoman referred any questions to danville police. a lieutenant would only say the boy accidentally shot himself and that he was released from the hospital. we asked the lieutenant where he got the loaded gun. was it a police issued weapon.
10:19 pm
but the lieutenant refused to answer the questions saying that it was under investigation. >> reporter: the chief did say the case was under review but mentioned at this time no charges will be filed. police arrested four men in connection with a shooting death of a 13-year-old girl. the four face charges of murder and criminal conspiracy. the body of naomi rojas was found february 15th behind an apartment complex on phoenix drive. the four men went to confront the man who was with rojas and that she was not the intended victim. let's go back to the weather. we got a lot of rain from this second storm we got today. how much rain did we get and is it still raining out there. >> it is. and this rain activity moving to the north out toward hayward
10:20 pm
we're seeing moderate rain. we will pull back and look at the big picture to see how much rain we had today. we had 2-inches, 2-1/2 inches. everywhere else 3/4 of an inch. these last two storms distributed a lot of rain. not only california but in the mountains. there's more rain possible for the bay area weekend. when i come back we'll dial in and look at your saturday which has shower chances in it and rain for your weekend as well. a reminder here that you can get up to the minute weather conditions any time with ktvu's weather app. it's available for both apple. it's available for both android and apple. a man appears to have been hit by lightning today. it happened in a tiny community named raisin city. the man was taken to the hospital. there were no witnesses but authorities say his injuries are consistent with a lightning strike. investigators say the man was
10:21 pm
looking for work in an oil derek when he was struck. no word on his condition. she was determined to get to hawaii without a ticket. how a bay area woman slipped past security at sfo and made it on board a plane. up first, san francisco police officers facing federal charges appear before a judge. what we learn about a possible defense they might present. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. five san francisco police officers faced a judge after being charged with federal crimes. ranging from extortion to drug distribution. their attorney hinted at their potential defense argument if the case goes to trial. >> reporter: led by the head of the san francisco police officers association, officers
10:24 pm
edmond robles and yates left the court this morning. >> they're all hard working officers. they're dedicated to this department. they're dedicated to the citizens of this city. >> reporter: it's the offshoot of an investigation of a series of raids at hotel rooms by plain clothed officers. they were out there doing very, very serious work and dealing with some people that have no regards for the law. >> reporter: defense attorney michael raynes says that the investigation will have an effect on officers that do similar work. >> i know that one of those informants attempted to extort one of these officers. >> from what he tells me he provided actual evidence in the form of fingerprints and other types of hard evidence that was
10:25 pm
given to the federal investigators. >> reporter: all but one of the departments entered not guilty pleas. the sixth is waiting for a new attorney before entering his plea. all are free on bond and suspended without pay. defense attorneys tells us they believe a trial could start in about a year. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. prosecutors have decided not the pursue child molestation charges against a san jose firefighters accused of selling drug. mario enrique is facing three counts for the sale of meth. during an investigation allegations surfaced that queses had sexual relations with a 17-year-old boy and had given him meth. the district attorney did not explain why he will not be charged in connection with that allegation. the fbi is making a new push to capture one of his 10 most wanted terrorist suspects. a man wanted for crimes that happened here in the bay area. milborn featuring andrea
10:26 pm
santiago are going up in seven other states. it's also possible that san diego is living now outside of the country. he is suspected of two bombings in 2003 at the shakley corporation officers and the former kiro corporation. the fbi is offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest and prosecution. the medical examiner in new york city said today that phillip seymore hoffman was killed by more than an overdose. he actually died after a deadly concoction of drugs. you may recall last year the 46- year-old actor went for treatment for heroin addiction after 23 years of sobriety. our storm watch coverage continues right after the break. take a look at this picture. one driver got more than he
10:27 pm
bargained for in today's rain. >> three times a san francisco woman tried to fly to hawaii without a ticket. find out how she got on the plane and who stopped her. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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there are a series of questions tonight about security at sfo after a woman attempted to fly to hawaii without a ticket three times and in one of those cases she actually managed to get on to the plane. amber lee live at sfo after talking to authorities about how she was able to get past security without a ticket. amber-- >> frank, the woman made her attempts here at terminal three. the concern is how did she get past security checkpoints and the area where passengers board the plane without being stopped. >> reporter: a trip to hawaii is appealing and no more so
10:30 pm
than to maryland hartman of san francisco. she tried three times to fly to hawaii without a ticket. >> she's a woman in her 60s and one doesn't normally think about that as being a terrorist. >> reporter: the 62-year-old retired legal secretary boarded a united flight to kona. >> sat down on a seat. it was a pretty full flight. as the person who really had a ticket for that seat came up and said, excuse me man you have my seat. >> reporter: authorities say it appears hartman used a method called piggy backing. >> while a couple of people are having their tickets checked. she would have as they started to go through, cling themselves behind them. that happened on february 15th. on february 18th she tried another time but only got to the security gate before she
10:31 pm
was stopped. again officers released her. and another time she was caught with a passenger's discarded pass. this time they arrested her. tsa made minor modifications to prevent another incident like this one. authorities say what happened with hartman is an aberration and that passengers should not be concerned about their safety. >> she told us that she has cancer and is dying and she just wanted to go to a warm place to finish life. >> reporter: the da tells us he's not sure if that's true. she was released from san mateo county jail last night after serving eight days. she was sentenced to 81 months probation, ordered to stay away from sfo if she doesn't have a ticket to fly. live at sfo, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and back now to our storm watch coverage.
10:32 pm
rain took its toll on parts of southern california today. these pictures are from the san bernardino mountains. back here, creeks threatened to jump their banks and streets became rivers in their own right. the los angeles river is usually calm, but today it looked like a ranging creek. it is unsure how the men got there but it appears they and their pets made it to safety. and a roof collapsed under the weight of all the rain. it's about 20 feet by 20 feet in size. the metro poly corporation said the damage damaged machinely but everyone was fine. cell phone video shows garcia pushing his car on santa
10:33 pm
clara street near stockton. a passer by came along and helped him out. garcia said he could not tell the street was under water. >> i mean i thought it was clear. drove right in. and my car started getting flooded in. >> what were you thinking? >> how do i get out? you know do i stay in the car, do i push it out. what do i do. >> reporter: the same thing happened to the driver of the other car going in the other direction. that car had to be towed as well. the two storms this week have definitely put more water in our reservoirs. jana katsuyama is in oakland to tell us how much all this rain has helped. jana. >> reporter: frank let's face it it can be a mess having all this rain but it's really been good for people with their flowers, their plants, the regions agriculture and reservoirs as you mentioned. so we went to the districts and asked them just how far this gets us from being out of a
10:34 pm
drought. >> reporter: water formed a rainbow over oakland. >> it has given us a boost. we got 1-1/2 inches since last night. >> reporter: not enough to fill east bay's reservoirs. but every precious drop helped nudge numbers closer to normal. >> this year it's 15-1/2 inch and we're 14-1/2 of average. >> reporter: reservoirs are 77% fulls. county reservoirs about 60% full. other areas are waiting to see how the sierra snow pack fares. people are already facing mandatory and cut backs. >> i'm mostly just trying to use less water, shorter showers. >> my brother is in the wine industry. >> i really enjoy being able to go to a farmers market or come here and get fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. that's not going to be the case
10:35 pm
if we have a drought. >> reporter: more customers are asking for drought resistant plants. >> these always hold their water really well. >> reporter: water an essential element to keeping many california businesses afloat. >> with all this heavy duty rain we've got. this heavy rainfall. it really gives a deep soaking to the plant and that's the best thing you can have. >> reporter: east bay mud officials say going forward conservation is going to be key. and so far in the past two weeks people have had a 4% reduction in water use here in the east bay compared to the same time last year. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a 56-year-old woman is recovering from her injuries tonight after being hit by a bus. it happened during this morning's rainstorm in walnut creek. as the bus was turning from civic drive on to ignacio road. the bus driver is on paid leave during the investigation. >> we have many drivers who
10:36 pm
have perfect records but we have a number that have an occasion mishap. he has a couple of those. he's never had any significant accident prior to today. and he's been a good employee for us for 13 plus years. >> the bus district officials say the driver has had six minor infractions since he started work there in 2001. a plea deal is expected that will allow the 44-year-old to be placed in a residential treatment facility so that she can deal with her mental health and substance abuse problems. at a music festival she jumped up on stage and pushed 77-year- old chambers to the floor. her attorney says she suffered
10:37 pm
from post-traumatic syndrome after her time in the service. and coming up a man declared dead and nearly embalmed. but he was actually alive. what tipped off the mortician that something wasn't right. ie diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announc ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better.
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heavily armed men are patrolling parts of crimea today. there are concerns those armed men along with russian planes and helicopters landing in crimea are part of an invasion of russia's neighbor. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be cause for any military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: the warning was in reports that personnel carriers and armed gunmen were seen in crimea. u.s. officials see evidence of russian air and sea movement into and out of the region. >> any violation of ukraine's safety is not in the interest
10:41 pm
of ukraine, russia or europe. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry raised the issue with his russian counter spot earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossings a line in any way. >> reporter: mean while in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a press conference in russian and blames the west for the unrest in ukraine. >> i think that russia has to and must act. knowing the character of mr. putin i'm surprised to the fact that he's so reserved at keeping silent. >> reporter: at the closed door meeting the russian ambassador said any russian movement that crimea are keeping with arrangements with ukraine. a cheese recall because of fears of listeria has been
10:42 pm
expand. ment some products were linked to a death in california and illnesses in new port. now the recall is expanded to include cremapura mexicana sour cream. the products were distributed in several states. and this next story is one made of nightmares. a man was declared dead. williams was then placed in a body bag and sent to a funeral home. it wasn't until workers were able to embalm him hours later that they noticed something strange. >> the mortician said, something wasn't right. his legs started moving. >> reporter: they sure did and williams was rushed back to the hospital where he continues to recover tonight. >> i can't even imagine.
10:43 pm
imagine the workers. >> and his family must be so happy that it happened. >> so close. measles outbreak widens. the latest case is reported after a warning we first told you about earlier this month. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking tonight's lingering showers and the extended outlook. the home work question in a south bay school that caused controversy among students and parents.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
health officials confirmed today two new cases of measles this comes just weeks after a cal student came down with the disease. officials say the two new cases are family members of that student. and that neither had been vaccinated against measles. earlier this month b.a.r.t. riders were warned of possible exposure after officials learned that a student with the disease used b.a.r.t. to get to school. officials say the student may have contracted the virus on a trip to the philippines.
10:46 pm
the worse may be over but california's flu season isn't done yet. state health officials say confirmed today 24 more flu related deaths that brings the total number of deaths from the flu this season to 302. 19 additional deaths are still beings investigated. here in the bay area no new flu deaths were reported today. that means the number remains at 49 this season. california still leads the region with the most flu deaths. a 15th victim was reported by the county earlier this week. a south bay home work assign has caused controversy after a question that quotes a very fat child. >> the mother was so upset she went straight to the school. and rob roth tells us what happened next. >> reporter: a fourth grade school asciencement in -- assignment in san jose.
10:47 pm
vialba began reading multiple choice questions. all was well until question number eight. >> a very fat child probably, a dislikes most movies. >> reporter: while the reading material mentions a skinny child. mariana says she didn't know why there would be a question about a fat child. >> it wasn't very nice to ask that question. >> i immediately said, give me a postit, i'm writing a note to the teacher. you're not going to answer that question. >> reporter: her mother could not believe with this day and age of anti bullying, students would be asked this question. we were referred to a central office. >> clearly a mistake was made and the teacher has agreed never to use that piece of home work again. >> reporter: the school
10:48 pm
district says the assignment was not part of district material. but it took the sensitivity of an 8-year-old and her mother to get to that point. >> i think they need to start putting a little more attention to what they give to our kids. >> reporter: we asked how long the teacher had been giving that assignment, the school official said she didn't know. rob roth, ktvu news. the boy scouts are suffering more fall out over their stands on gay. the disney corporation says its cutting off money to scouts from an employee volunteer fund. last year the scouts agreed to allow gay children to join but
10:49 pm
would not allow volunteers. disney said that violated their equal policy. and it was cold in this place earlier today. it's broken up right now. >> showers still lingering in the area. we got a good amount of rain in the last couple of storms. let's check how february is working out right now. storm totals for the one we saw yesterday and the one today. and you're looking at almost 5- inches of rain in the belomen area. 2.25 in santa rosa. it's basically encompassing the entire state all the way to the oregon border. this is an equal opportunity
10:50 pm
storm. it's hitting all over the basins. snow in the mountains. here's the radar situation. you can see the showers sticking around on the bridges. we have light scattered showers, showers as you head out toward san leandro and skyline boulevard. thundershower chances still in the forecast. right now it's mostly looking like light stuff. as we go into this evening more light showers. tomorrow clouds and a slight chance for showers. you see that in the models. clouds come back in, and we get into another opportunity for rain as we head into the middle of next week so it's good. saturday the main bullable -- main bulk of this system drives south. it counterbe -- shouldn't be a big deal. you should cancel your plans. but i think it'll mainly be north. here's what the computer model thinks. midnight tonight you might hear
10:51 pm
rain up in the marin valley. then we go to the morning hours, 7:00 a.m. saturday morning, san jose a few showers. not bad everywhere else. and then you see what happens, here's your saturday afternoon. after lunchtime it looks pretty good. saturday things start to clear up pretty nicely. you get sunday morning showers to the north. cloudy. sunday afternoon showers all over the place. really light drizzle. not a deal breaker. forecast highs tomorrow mid- 60s. five day forecast for your bay area weekend in view continues with this pattern. like i said these weather systems hit right on the commute so that made it a drag. but the rain is good. this is a really strong set of systems that brought us plenty of rain over the last 28, 48 hours. >> sound pretty serious but we need it. >> yeah, we need it. are the warriors that good
10:52 pm
or the knicks that bad? >> well the warriors have been winning the last four games so we'll go with the warriors. you put it in steph's hands, good things happen. one of his assists goes on top for bogut who was solid in the middle. the knicks just sloppy. 17 turnovers for them. iguodala will take care of it. he knows what he has to do. steph, good idea right there. 11 rebounds for curry. hits the three there. germane o'neil continues solid play off the bench and rocking it downright there. he'll get his way. 15 points off the bench for him. this thing was not even close. and clay thompson looking to get a little more consistent with his outside shot. had a big game. he had five threes right there. 25 points for clay. 23 point blow out.
10:53 pm
and the warriors are now 15 games over .500. their high water mark. buffalo new york in february. not exactly the home page for dream but no one dislikes charlie more than the sharks. i tell you what any time he'll have 16 trips there exactly one win. james shepherd as the sharks trail 1-0. takes care of the garbage in front. just his second goal of the season. 1-1. the third period is what did the sharks in. for buffalo it's the face off. buffalo never looks back as the sharks wind up on the short end 4-2 out on the road. earlier in the week the giants name baumgartner as the starter. he gets his first spring start today. and sports part two next.
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10:56 pm
cactus league, giants getting everything to work today. they were mostly more focused on this one in scottsdale. that's not a rookie 21 years
10:57 pm
old. he's a 31-year-old trying to go with the long shot routine. hits the long ball. 2innings struck out one, gave up no runs. that's a good job for the giants when they beat the bruins. and when the tiger woods going to make the cut? they were talking about that. trouble teetering on the edge but chipped in for bird at the par 413. one under 69 on the day. even for the tournament. the leader is this man, mcilroy. four under 66. 11-under. one shot leader and hopefully a couple of steps ahead of the gators. it was just off the green there. we cut early and we missed it. >> thank you for choosings ktvu
10:58 pm
channel 2 news. mornings on 2 begins at 7:00 a.m. with the more on the wet weather. and you can follow us on twitter, facebook, and the ktvu twitter app. good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
p! you're gonna be late! - alex, what are you doing? - i need to document haley's first day on the chain gang. it's not a chain gang. it's community service. and leave her alone. she feels bad enough as it is. okay, i'm torn. on one hand, i'm like, "ugh, i have to pick up garbage all day." and on the other hand, i'm like, - "look at me in orange." - (camera shutter clicks) aw, that's cute. send that to me. haley had a little run-in with the law in college. she was arrested for assaulting a police officer. accidentally. i fell on him. while evading arrest for underage drinking. that was on purpose. they were very lenient with her. she only has to do community service. because i do not have any priors. taking a little too much pride in that, sweetheart. things can get pretty rough out there. i couldn't get my hands on any cigarettes. but i did make you a shiv out of an old knife.

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